Pre Pleated Easy to Wear sarees

Pre Pleated Easy to Wear sarees


      ViBha presents the collection " Florina"for this holiday season. An easy to wear stylish saree with no hassles, for your holiday and cocktail parties.
      This collection has the readymade sarees also known as pre draped / pre pleated sarees. Our pre-pleated sarees are easy for those who don’t have the time or the patience to pleat a sari.

      It can be worn like a skirt / easy to wrap around with lined pleats at the center of the waistline, and the pallu is pre pleated and secured with a brooch and waist belt for most of the designs. It does not require a petticoat. Quick to wear, these sarees can also be called as One minute drape sarees. Our exquisite collection of pre-pleated sarees are made with the finest fabrics and crafted for comfort.

      If you do not know how to DRAPE a saree, then WEAR a saree :)

      PS: These sarees come with ready to wear blouses and most of these blouses are made in standard measurements in 34",36'', 38” & 40” sizes with a room provided inside to adjust to your sizes.