Patola Silk Sarees

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      Patola is a double ikat woven sari, usually made from silk, made in Patan, Gujarat, India. The word patola is the plural form, the singular is patolu. The double ikkat sarees are with motifs of parrots, flowers, elephants, and dancing figures.

      The Patola sarees are woven from silk called the ‘Patola silk’. These silks represent skilled weaving and design as they still made by a handful of master weavers who have mastered this art form in Patan or Surat.The weaving of sarees is a long and tedious process that requires the utmost patience.

      The perfect wardrobe for a saree is an unforgettable experience.
      You will find all beautiful and brilliant combinations and rich weave sarees. Each and every saree is so unique and beautiful.

      Now, this is the wedding season, and these sarees are best suitable for the brides and those who are attending weddings. Suitable for all festivals and many other special occasions. They are suitable for all age groups and occasions.

      These sarees come with ready-to-wear blouses and most of these blouses are made in standard measurements in 36", 38" and 40" with a room provided inside to adjust to your sizes. Sarees are done with fall and pico

      Unveiling the Elegance of Traditional Indian Wedding Dresses

      The sophisticated elegance of a silk saree, the grandeur of an embroidered kurta, or the radiance of an eye-catching necklace, our collection at ViBha perfectly encapsulates the beauty and elegance of traditional Indian wear.

      Over at ViBha, it’s been our vision to simplify access to the grace, charm and artistry of our Indian ethnic wear. As a premier Indian designer clothing store in USA, we bring together a comprehensive collection of exclusive handloom silk sarees, bridal lehengas, handloom kurtas, complete jewellery sets & accessories, kaftans & cardigans & more. All the products in our collection are specially designed, produced and curated to showcase the ethnic glamour and elegance of traditional Indian fashion.

      Our vision is to promote traditional Indian clothing in America and to support Indian textile weavers. We design, make, and ethically source from Indian artisans and weavers to ensure 100% originality and authenticity. We are one of the very few Indian ethnic wear stores in the USA with a collection that can drape you head-to-toe in India’s iconic ethnic wear.

      We hope you have an incredible shopping experience!

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