Fancy Designer Sarees

Fancy Designer Sarees

      "Lenci "

      Dazzling luminous designs crusted with sparkles, sequins, crystals, frills, and ruffles!! With a modern twist, each saree from this collection is paired with a unique blouse - creating a mystic and frenetic ensemble.

      For the gorgeous you, ViBhas's fancy designer sarees in silky and soft fabrics with beautiful embroidery work styled with fancy blouses, to make any party occasion a celebration. Please visit our boutique in Sunnyvale for more.

      Host a party or swing into one effortlessly with this exquisite handcrafted occasion wear!

      Please See: "All the sarees come with ready-to-wear blouses and most of these blouses are made in standard measurements in 36",38" and 40" with enough margin provided inside to adjust to your sizes. Sarees are done with fall and pico."

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