Paithani Silk Sarees


      Paithani silk saree is made using a weaving technique similar to tapestry weaving. In this, no loose threads are left hanging anywhere in the saree. Following a tapestry weaving technique, the saree has no extra weft. Moreover, the weavers use a myriad of colours that they source naturally and sometimes, even create their own version.

      The specialty of Paithani sarees is the fact that it appears the same on both sides of the saree. Paithani saree colours are vibrant and dense, and the same is visible on both sides, without any extra weft. This is one feature that separates it from all other handloom sarees and has helped it to be considered an item that is worthy of recognition all over the world.

      Note: These sarees come with ready-to-wear blouses and most of these blouses are made in standard measurements in 36" and 38" with a room provided inside to adjust to your sizes. Sarees are done with fall and pico.