Manoharam - Spring Summer Collection - A flashback

ViBha Manoharam

"The colors of spring emerge with street sounds of song birds to fill our winter weary souls, bringing hope, new beginnings and inspiration."

Saris are an everlasting fashion for women, encompassing elegance and royalty. It is always a pleasure to think outside the box, when we style saris. It should be traditional yet different to align with the contemporary fashions.

We need handlooms as we need the wisdom of our forefathers. They breathe and sustain the value and the eternal beauty of culture and tradition.

ViBha Manoharam Sarees Blog

The saris are styled to be worn with the beautiful belts, capes, vests making them unique to carry. They are detachable and can be worn at choice.

The first look of this collection, Elegant off white Khadi cotton sari with vibrant pink and grey striped border, teamed up with collared Ikkat Cotton shirt as the blouse. The look is styled with detachable waist belt in the same material of the blouse. This eye catching ensemble was modelled with the green spring background, amidst the blooming flowers.

ViBha Manoharam Sarees Girija

The second look of this collection, Pleasant Pear green color Khadi cotton saree with self border, teamed up with collared Kalamkari cotton shirt as the blouse.

The look is styled with detachable waist belt in the same material of the blouse. This head turning design was modelled with the green spring background, amidst the greens in contrast to the pear colored saree.

ViBha Manoharam Sarees

The look of this collection is concluded with beautiful make up , highlighting the pink eye shadow for the first look and red lips for the second look. I have chosen no accessories and let the simplicity accentuate the beauty of these saree styles.

ViBha Manoharam Sarees

I am thankful to the entire team that made this photoshoot so beautiful.

Models: Girija Chavan & Pooja Reddy

MUAH: Maria Alvarez

Photographer: Venu Nath

Draping your saree will be distinct again with this set of exclusive ViBha’s Spring-Summer collection!


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